Catching Up


There are some tidbits worth sharing so I am going to list them here.

  • At his 6 month well-child check up Killian weighed 18 lb 3.4 oz. Helen Jeanette weighed 18 lb 10.6 oz at her 9 month check up. At 7 months old we just transitioned Killian to a convertible car seat even though Helen Jeanette didn’t make the switch until 12 months. He’s a big, chunky, healthy boy!
  • Helen Jeanette is talking up a storm! We’ve had a couple particularly memorable lines such as “Daddy read book, Mommy prop feet, look computer.” She also has started interrupting during prayers to say her own prayer such as “THANK YOU LORD MAMA PAMPA” or just cutting off her Opa with an adamant “AMEN”. Her spanish is also coming along really well, but we don’t hear too much of it because she saves it for Silvia.
  • Killian is moving everywhere using the army crawl/scoot method. We’ve seen a couple attempts to crawl normally but no success so far. He’s trying to pull up but he’s concentrating most of his attempts to stand on moving into a downward dog position and then trying to stand up.

There’s a lot more going on but the kids are fussying for me so I’ll have to add more as I get time.

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