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Gondola over Vancouver.

  Right now she’s whining because she doesn’t want her pictures taken, but a couple minutes earlier she was crying because we wouldn’t let her go cuddle the bear.  
Helen Jeanette had 3 bee encounters during our lunch at the ski lodge. Encounter #1 shown here, she waved then gave the bee a hug and then talked nonstop about the bee. Encounter #2 she saw the bee and clung tightly to me. Encounter #3 she clung to Chris and burst into tears. All of these were within half an hour. Encounter #3 was closely followed by the picture below which may explain it.

  The kids love public transportation!  
  This family of 3 raccoons kept coming out during the baluga show, apparently they are used to being fed even though the aquarium staff was very clear that it was illegal. Many people there were excited to see them but it scared the pants off me and I was very quick to get Helen Jeanette picked up.  
Peking duck!


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