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Disney Cruise and Alaska


We had such a fantastic time on our vacation last week! In the cruise terminal the first thing she did was run up to Mickey and give him a huge hug and ask “Where’s Minnie?” From then on sh was hooked ad she would turn corners of the ship looking and asking for Mickey or Minnie.

The programming for kids was top notch (I’m sure the adult programming was too but we never made it to anything) and we especially loved the dance parties. They had one called “Wake up with disney junior” every morning that we weren’t ashore. Helen Jeanette really got into it and was ecstatic when Jake the Pirate would show up.

Wakeup4 Wakeup3 Wakeup2 Wakeup

They had another dance party called “Pirate and Princess dance party” where most of the kids dressed up and Jake and Sophia showed up. Helen Jeanette was a bit tired and grumpy for this one (we woke her from her nap to make it on time) and she wouldn’t play with the kids who wanted to play with her and she didn’t dance too much, but she still had a great time.

Pirate1 Pirate2 Pirate3 Pirate5 Pirate6

We had brought pirate costumes so we all decked out for the Pirate and Princess Dance Party.

PirateSneer Pirates PirateFamily PirateBoys Pirate8

When we went ashore we would head straight for the ranger station to see what short hikes we could go on. Alaska was absolutely stunning. We didn’t see much wildlife but it was still beautiful.

Skagway7 Skagway6 Skagway5 Skagway4 Skagway3 Skagway2 Skagway

They had a Pixar Pals Dance party which was a ton of fun. We got there early to be right up front and both kids got really into it. The characters alternated who danced on stage so most of them danced right in front of us at some point.

PixarParty PixarParty6 PixarParty5 PixarParty3

We also spent a good amount of time just walking around the ship. The weather was nice and sunny but also cold and windy. Chris and I did go to the hot tub one afternoon while the kids were in the nursery and afterwards we sat out in the sun.

WindyDeck WindyDeck.jpg WindyDeck2 WindyDeck3 WindyDeck4 WindyDeck5 WindyDeck6 WindyDeck7 WindyDeck8 WindyDeck9

Helen Jeanette wasn’t too interested in “storytime with Belle” but I thought it was really well done. She read some of the story and then led all the kids up to the top of the play ship and finished reading there. When they were walking they all pretending they were going into the forbidden west wing.

Storytime2 Storytime

I have some more pictures picked out, but Chris needs to help me with them, his Linux is a bit confusing for me!

Disney Cruise!


We just got back from Alaska and had a blast! I’ll post more pictures soon, hopefully tomorrow, but here are a couple of Mickey Mouse! (My pictures are sorted by title and I’ve only uploaded those starting with “M”.)


In the cruise terminal waiting to board.

MickeyMinnieHug MickeyMinnieHJ MickeyMinnieFamily

Posing with the couple themselves.


Character Breakfast.


Character breakfast.


Character breakfast included napkin hats.


Waiting in line to see Chip and Dale.