Monthly Archives: December 2015

Conversations with Helen Jeanette 


While sweetly putting her hands on my face and looking at my cheeks ‘Mommy where’s that nipple on your face go?’ (I have a mole on my forehead).
While playing with a brown blanket and lying it on the floor. ‘Hey that looks like mud!’ Steps on it then lays her head on it, ‘my ear is dirty! My socks are dirty!’
This morning after she woke up and Killian was still asleep ‘where’s key? I want to play with him.’


Conversations with Helen Jeanette


Riding in the car:

Jessica singing ‘and I’m so happy, so very happy, I have the love of Jesus in my heart’

Helen Jeanette ‘Killian is angry!’

Killian coos happily.

Helen Jeanette ‘why angry Killian!?’
Sitting around at work while I feed Killian.

Helen Jeanette: ‘I will go to Winnie the pooh’s house, see piglet and Chris’

Jessica ‘when will you go to Winnie the pooh’s house?’

Helen Jeanette ‘next week’