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Today we finally checked out Notasium in Durham. It’s a music-based indoor play place and they also have karaoke and music lessons. I was really impressed with it and the kids both loved it. There was a bouncy house and a big slide. Helen Jeanette climbed up and slid down the slide twice before deciding it was too scary and then she climbed up several more times and insisted I climb up and slide with her. 
Oma Leni met us there and the kids had a blast playing with her. Chris came at the very end and had just enough time to go down the slide with Helen Jeanette once.

Helen Jeanette tidbits


Helen Jeanette on movies she hasn’t seen:

Last night while sweeping, ‘Snow White is a cleaner like me!’

This morning lying in bed while I shower she sings, ‘heigh ho heigh Ho that’s from Snow White!’

‘These are my Star Wars pajamas.’ *long pause* ‘when I grow up like my cousins I am going to watch Star Wars.’

Helen Jeanette on undies:

This morning Helen Jeanette climbs into bed and says ‘I’m sleeping with my undies!’ What she meant is that she was cuddling her undies like a blanket, not wearing them.

 Last night when Chris got home Helen Jeanette immediately presented him with a pair of her undies.

 She also attempted to trade Killian a whole pile of her undies for a toy he had that she wanted. I usually let her trades play out no matter how sketchy they seem, but I vetoed this one.