Helen Jeanette tidbits


Helen Jeanette on movies she hasn’t seen:

Last night while sweeping, ‘Snow White is a cleaner like me!’

This morning lying in bed while I shower she sings, ‘heigh ho heigh Ho that’s from Snow White!’

‘These are my Star Wars pajamas.’ *long pause* ‘when I grow up like my cousins I am going to watch Star Wars.’

Helen Jeanette on undies:

This morning Helen Jeanette climbs into bed and says ‘I’m sleeping with my undies!’ What she meant is that she was cuddling her undies like a blanket, not wearing them.

 Last night when Chris got home Helen Jeanette immediately presented him with a pair of her undies.

 She also attempted to trade Killian a whole pile of her undies for a toy he had that she wanted. I usually let her trades play out no matter how sketchy they seem, but I vetoed this one.


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