Day 1: Wat Pho


Day 1 the adults woke up early but the kids slept until 8. Chris bought us breakfast from a cafe downstairs and we said goodbye to him as he went in search of conference goers.
We found the Sky Train and it to the ferry which we rode to the Grand Palace stop. 

We were immediately distracted by the Wat Pho complex and never made it to the Grand Palace. Online it made it sound like you always see both in the same morning so we were expecting to go in salute the reclining Buddah and then continue on to the palace. It was huge though and we spent all morning checking out the incredible detail on the buildings and the hundreds of Buddhas everywhere you turned. It was hot hot hot and we took frequent breaks to pump the kids full of water. We are going to try to be even better about this on future excursions because it is HOT! Carrying the kids in the carrier is great but it makes both of us hotter and they are getting heavy. We had to trade off who had a backpack in addition to a child.
We caught a Tuk Tuk in search of a vegetarian restraunt we’d seen in our guide book which ended up being on a weird back alley. The name and address were slightly different then in the guide book but we still suspect it was the same place. The food was good but we felt we were missing out on the Thai experience because everyone there was white. At first we thought floor seating was perfect for the kids but then Killian woke up and showed us just how happy he was to be able to reach everything on the table. I don’t think the super hip ex-pats crowd appreciated our noise and our mess.

On the way back we caught a taxi which took an excrutiatingly long time to get to the hotel and ended up dropping us off about 5 blocks away. We didn’t have our bearings and kept thinking it was just around the corner but at this point we were all hot, tired, and irritable. We did see a lot of fascinating pictures of the King on the drive. There were big framed pictures from about 50 years ago all up and down one of the roads we were on. We also suspect we were supposed to have bargained with the Tuk Tuk because we paid him 220 BHT for a much shorter ride and we paid the taxi driver (who had a meter running) only 160 BHT ($6 and $4.50 respectively).

On our way back my Mom and I decided we weren’t tired so the kids would nap and we’d do other stuff like shopping for Killian’s clothes because I intentionally under packed. He doesn’t have any summer clothes in his current size and I figured we might as well buy that stuff here because it’s suppose to be very cheap. By the time we got to the hotel we’d decided to just nap for an hour and after that hour we turned the alarm off and ended up just barely being able to pull ourselves out of bed after a full 3 hour nap. We had to strip the kids naked and put their swimsuits on before they would wake up!

Chris joined us at the pool but we need to buy him a swimsuit so he just watched us. It was getting to be 6:30 and the sky got dark very quickly, but the water was glorious. The pool is on the 26th floor so you get a great view of the city while you swim.

We then went to the mall in search of Killian clothes and dinner but didn’t end up with much since the prices seemed on par with mall prices in the US which I generally don’t pay anyway! We did end up with some nice crepes to take back to the hotel though.

The kids and Chris passed out after dinner and my Mom and I had drinks at the rooftop bar. I’d always wanted to go to one and this one definitely did not disappoint! There was a girl DJ and another girl playing saxophone along with the DJ and they were jamming out. The drinks were good and we got chocolate cake plus an incredible view of the city.


”Lets just duck in here before we go to the Palace.”


My tired little traveler.

Reclining Buddah!


The reclining Buddah’s pillow. It didn’t look comfortable but sure was beautiful!


”Welcome to my home!”


The detail on these temples was incredible!

Kissy kissy.

‘Take a picture of me with this one.’



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  1. Friend email me if you need recommendations! I was there for 6 months a while back – this is awesome.

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