Bangkok: Day 2 Part 1


This morning we ate breakfast at the hotel buffet which was a sight to behold. They had breakfast items from all over the world, including dim sum dumplings that I stuffed myself with. Helen Jeanette was being fussy and didn’t eat too much but Killian scarfed down all kinds of food.

We took the sky train just 1 stop to see the Jim Thompson house. On the walk there we ran into the perfect opportunity to recreate one of the photos of Mom here in Thailand when she was 8. Helen Jeanette loved getting to pose like Oma.

We stopped into a little store on the way and attempted to barter with the woman. She wasn’t interested in classic negotiation and just wanted to keep rattling off discounts, so the longer you remained silent the better you did. We looped back through after the Jim Thompson house and both parties ended up very pleased with the transaction. The woman even sent her husband to carry our bags for us to the SkyTrain which was 4 blocks away. 

The Jim Thompson house was beautiful and fascinating. Tours were required which was great because we probably would have opted out and really missed out. Killian was very loud and happy during the tour and Helen Jeanette fell asleep in her baby carrier. We transferred Helen Jeanette to a chair in their cafe after the tour and enjoyed drinks and smoothies. The watermelon juice was nice but the lychee smoothie was worth the trip to Thailand. Even Killian thought so and when we tried to give him watermelon juice after the smoothie he spit it out. 

Helen Jeanette ended up having another accident because I couldn’t get her to the bathroom fast enough and I had to buy some expensive but beautiful little shorts at the gift shop. 

The highlight of the Jim Thompson house for the kids was the gravel driveway. Those kids love to play with rocks! The highlight of our visit for the Jim Thompson house staff was our kids. They completely doted on them and took them to see the fish.


After the Jim Thompson house we headed to the pool for lunch and swimming. I got to check one of my life goals off my list by sitting in a ‘sunbrella’ and it was everything I had hoped it would be! The kids had a blast swimming and the lunch was excellent. Helen Jeanette even got a little bowl of Rock Road which she devoured.

Helen Jeanette loves walking through the mall to get to the hotel.

When we got to the room after swimming Helen Jeanette drew this. It’s the most advanced drawing we’ve seen her do and we’re    ridiculously impressed.


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