Bangkok Day 4: Grand Palace, Flower Market, and shopping


Chris’s coworker Veena joined us for our morning outing. She was a lot of fun and it was interesting hearing her thoughts on Thailand since she is from India.

We took a long boat to the Grand Palace. I’m not sure how we swung this and paid normal ferry prices but I guess it just worked out timing wise. We couldn’t repeat it on the way back. 

The crowds here were unbelievable and I think 90% had to be Chinese. It was also sweltering hot so mixing with those crowds was awful. The complex was awe inspiring but would have been a lot more enjoyable if it were less crowded and hot. Helen Jeanette peed all over me in the carrier when I couldn’t make it to the restroom in time. She actually made it to the restroom but not through the line we were waiting in. I could hardly tell though because I was already soaked in sweat.

We had to leave a deposit and borrow skirts so our legs weren’t bare. They let Killian go uncovered though.

We got a quick lunch at the first place we came to with air conditioning and then hopped a TukTuk to the flower market. Eventually Helen Jeanette threw her flowers into the river and took great enjoyment in doing so.

Veena split back to the hotel and we continued onto the Jim Thompson outlet which was super fun. I picked up fabric for living room curtains and Mom got fabric for several dresses and a shirt for herself. We also picked out lots of gifts and a shirt for Chris’s gala tonight.

The kids fell asleep on the way back and we transferred them to the sunbrella and had dinner at the pool.


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