Monthly Archives: June 2016

5 Year Anniversary Photos


Next weekend we celebrate our 5th anniversary.  I’m taking it really seriously since it’s our first “milestone” anniversary and Chris and I will be going on our first trip away from the kids.


Every year on our anniversary we get family pictures taken. It’s a tradition I love and Chris tolerates. This year we went with our old neighbor from Durham to the Eno River State Park and we are so happy with the results. Her website is She is very talented, got us the pictures very quickly (we only took them this morning), and willing to use Creative Commons Licenses. It was a win, win, win!


Oma Leni came along to help keep the kid’s attention and we also got some good shots of her with the kids!


I think this year’s pictures are my favorite yet. You can check out our old post for a compiled peek at our family over the last 6 (it includes engagement pictures) years.