Helen Jeanette’s 3rd Birthday Party


Helen Jeanette had a wonderful birthday party this weekend! It was much anticipated and much enjoyed by our sweet little girl. Killian looks miserable in most of the pictures, but I think he had a good time too. His pirate outfit was incredibly cute but it was 90 degrees so he went topless for the entire party.



webimg_8841 webimg_8328 webimg_8331 webimg_8354

Face painting station, I was especially happy with how this turned out!
webimg_8355 webimg_8357 webimg_8360 webimg_8364

The theme was “fairy tales” and my Mom dressed as a chicken. Chicken Little maybe?


Cinderella and Jake the Pirate making an experience was supposed to be a surprise but Helen Jeanette didn’t seem especially surprised. She was happy to see them though!


Helen Jeanette was so earnest in all her conversations with Cinderella. I overheard one conversation where Helen Jeanette said “Actually there are two fairy godmothers.”

webimg_8426 webimg_8430 webimg_8433 webimg_8459 webimg_8461 webimg_8472 webimg_8489 webimg_8490 webimg_8501  webimg_8507 webimg_8513  webimg_8521 webimg_8537 webimg_8540 webimg_8555 webimg_8563 webimg_8568

The girl loves to dance!

webimg_8597 webimg_8601 webimg_8624 webimg_8636 webimg_8655 webimg_8714

All the kids gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to her.

webimg_8736 webimg_8755

We sang Happy Birthday again right before we cut the cake.

webimg_8771 Afterwards we asked her what he favorite part of the party was and she said “eating cake.”


webimg_8777 webimg_8782 webimg_8794 webimg_8797 webimg_8818 webimg_8827

She was a wonderful hostess and greeted most of her friends by running down the driveway to hug them.


Megan and Will came all the way from Charleston for the party!

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