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Milind and Neha’s Wedding-the day before


Chris and  I in our india garb outside Milind’s parent’s house. They had a special wedding tent entrance up for some of the rituals and celebrations.



Chris waving money over Milind, wishing him prosperity in his marriage.


More dancing in the streets.






All the children gathered round as the priest sets up the rituals for the evening.


We all sat on mats in a circle around the proceedings, but some of the kids found other seats from which to lord over the proceedings.



We were pretty popular with the kids.



Dinner time, we got to sit at the head table with Milind and Neha.



The men ate first followed by the women. Milind and Neha ate last, but I think they actually ate twice- after the men and after the women.


Milind and Neha’s Wedding


We took 733 pictures on our trip to India, and hope to post many more of them as well as some written thoughts in the near future. To get started, though, here are some pictures from what was very much the highlight of the trip, Milind and Neha’s wedding!

jessica_dancing milind_horse

On the day of the wedding, there was a procession around Milind from the marriage venue to a nearby temple and back, with music, dancing, and a dancing horse!


After the procession, the wedding ceremony began. Here we see the bride and groom separated by a veil, and then putting flower garlands around each other.


Later there was a receiving line and while waiting our turn we took the opportunity to have a picture taken of us in our festive garb with Milind’s college friend Sunny who helped us immensely in getting to and around Milind’s hometown. After lunch more rituals followed including this presentation of a necklace.