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Crawling and Ticks




Yesterday was a great day and I was positively bursting with pride at my little family. Chris had a great performance review at work and Helen Jeanette crawled! Forward! She’s been scooting and rolling and even crawling backwards but this was the first time I’d seen her take little steps with her knees tucked under. In other developmental news she is definitely establishing a Mommy-preference. She is still happy to play with Silvia but she’s started to get really bothered when I leave. When she crawled I had just walked into the room after a few hours working and I stopped several feet short of her, this was apparently just the motivation she needed!


Her night time sleep took a rapid turn for the worst Friday night and she took an hour + to cry herself to sleep two nights in a row. The first night we picked her up after 30 minutes and she didn’t want to calm down, we were in Cary so when we put her in the car to go home she fell asleep in 30 seconds. The second night she cried for an hour and we just left her to it, except for going in and patting her once. The third night she went right to sleep but last night she fussed for 5 minutes before falling asleep. It came a bit out of nowhere but I blame her added mobility. Instead of staying in a lying position she now sits up or crawls around as soon as we put her in her crib, this also means she’s been sleeping on her belly for the first time, since that’s how she falls asleep.


This morning I was met by the horrifying sight of a tick on my sweet baby girl. Of course I found it 10 minutes after Chris had left so I was on my own to deal with it. I pulled the body out but left the head in and ended up waiting half an hour for Silvia to come so she could hold her down while I got the head out. I spoke to the nurse line and they said that we just need to keep an eye out for rashes/rings/ fever etc. but that she’ll probably be fine. I have a couple scars from where my own mother incorrectly removed ticks and I’m just waiting to see what kind of damage I inflicted on Helen Jeanette. She was a trooper, although she does not like being held down!



7 month statistics


We don’t go to the doctor this month do I don’t have heights and weights but Helen Jeanette is going through so much these days as she learns to be mobile. I am hesitant to call it crawling but she’s scooting and sliding so much that it really comes with the same result. This morning she definitely moved her knees in the crawling pattern but she only went backwards.

She’s still eating everything we give her and she’s sleeping at least 7 hours at a stretch, sometimes up to 10.

I’m beginning to rethink nursing until one year because she’s started biting, but no teeth have made an appearance yet so well just have to wait and see.

She’s talking a lot to herself when she plays or to us. It’s real hard to differentiate between happy noises and mad noises if you can’t see her face.

We think her ‘stranger danger’ instinct may have kicked in since there have been a couple instances of unprovoked crying. The most heart breaking of which was when she took one look at my dad and broke into the saddest, most heart breaking wails. 20 minutes later she was happy to sit on his lap, but at first she was terrified.

She’s reaching to be picked up and loves to hold out her arms for us. She likes to go back and forth between Silvia, the nanny, and me, she’ll hold her arms out for the other as soon as she’s passed over.

She’s a dear sweet little thing and so much fun. We can’t believe she’s 7 months old but we’re loving every minute.