Helen Jeanette’s 3rd Birthday Party


Helen Jeanette had a wonderful birthday party this weekend! It was much anticipated and much enjoyed by our sweet little girl. Killian looks miserable in most of the pictures, but I think he had a good time too. His pirate outfit was incredibly cute but it was 90 degrees so he went topless for the entire party.



webimg_8841 webimg_8328 webimg_8331 webimg_8354

Face painting station, I was especially happy with how this turned out!
webimg_8355 webimg_8357 webimg_8360 webimg_8364

The theme was “fairy tales” and my Mom dressed as a chicken. Chicken Little maybe?


Cinderella and Jake the Pirate making an experience was supposed to be a surprise but Helen Jeanette didn’t seem especially surprised. She was happy to see them though!


Helen Jeanette was so earnest in all her conversations with Cinderella. I overheard one conversation where Helen Jeanette said “Actually there are two fairy godmothers.”

webimg_8426 webimg_8430 webimg_8433 webimg_8459 webimg_8461 webimg_8472 webimg_8489 webimg_8490 webimg_8501  webimg_8507 webimg_8513  webimg_8521 webimg_8537 webimg_8540 webimg_8555 webimg_8563 webimg_8568

The girl loves to dance!

webimg_8597 webimg_8601 webimg_8624 webimg_8636 webimg_8655 webimg_8714

All the kids gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to her.

webimg_8736 webimg_8755

We sang Happy Birthday again right before we cut the cake.

webimg_8771 Afterwards we asked her what he favorite part of the party was and she said “eating cake.”


webimg_8777 webimg_8782 webimg_8794 webimg_8797 webimg_8818 webimg_8827

She was a wonderful hostess and greeted most of her friends by running down the driveway to hug them.


Megan and Will came all the way from Charleston for the party!

Helen Jeanette turns 3


Helen Jeanette climbed in our bed this morning around 4:30. I sleepily sang her happy birthday and she responded ‘I’m just going to sleep a couple more minutes.’ After cuddling her while dozing off Chris and I both got up to get ready for work. When I got out of the shower she was sitting sleepily in bed and said ‘Is today my birthday?’ Her sweet smile when I told her yes was so heartwarming.

She wanted to eat Cheerios with a big spoon while we waited for Oma Leni to arrive with the doughnuts. We sang happy birthday before giving her a doughnut and she grinned ear to ear the whole time.
After breakfast we let her open presents in the sunroom. My favorite was after she opened her Cinderella dress when she said ‘This is my dress. My brother gave it to me.’ She was so happy and sweet.

St. Lucia


We spent 3 nights in St. Lucia celebrating our 3rd anniversary. We sprung for a resort with rooms open to the view and a private pool. The view was incredible and we saw a rainbow every morning. We didn’t spend much time at the beach but we did take a SNUBA tour and Chris went 20 feet deep checking out fish, lobsters, and octopus. We also hiked Gros Piton (4 miles round trip, 2000 ft elevation change) and the picture of Chris pointing to the mountain in the distance is him indicating which mountain we climbed. We spent time in the hot tub and at the spa and overall had a very nice, relaxing trip.


5 Year Anniversary Photos


Next weekend we celebrate our 5th anniversary.  I’m taking it really seriously since it’s our first “milestone” anniversary and Chris and I will be going on our first trip away from the kids.


Every year on our anniversary we get family pictures taken. It’s a tradition I love and Chris tolerates. This year we went with our old neighbor from Durham to the Eno River State Park and we are so happy with the results. Her website is http://www.hollydwanphotography.com/ She is very talented, got us the pictures very quickly (we only took them this morning), and willing to use Creative Commons Licenses. It was a win, win, win!


Oma Leni came along to help keep the kid’s attention and we also got some good shots of her with the kids!


I think this year’s pictures are my favorite yet. You can check out our old post https://covicovey.us/2015/07/20/family-pictures/ for a compiled peek at our family over the last 6 (it includes engagement pictures) years.