Monthly Archives: October 2016

One of those days…


Today was one of those days that utterly defeats you. I was mostly frustrated with work and feeling like I couldn’t get anything done with the kids (I work from home on fridays). Once I wrapped up my to-dos for the day I felt a lot better and the whole family went for a nice walk in the rain.

When we go back things really starts to unravel. I told Helen Jeanette I was making mac and cheese with tuna fish.
Helen Jeanette: ”I don’t like that.”

Mommy: ”Yes you do. It’s your favorite.”

Helen Jeanette: ”It’s my favorite but I don’t like it.”
Then I asked her to clean up her crafts (spread all over the kitchen floor) before dinner. She responded that no she would not and that she wanted Daddy to do it. After some discussion I pulled out the ”if Mommy has to clean it up it’s going in the trash can” and a total meltdown ensued. She got completely hysterical but never once cleaned up a single item. We put her in time out (in her high chair to restrain her) and she was still freaking out 5 minutes later. I told her to ask nicely if I would ground her from the crafts for a week instead of throwing them away and she squeaked out that request through the tears including a ‘pllllleeeeeeeaaaase’ and about a million gasps for breath. Once I’d agreed to that she calmed down through dinner but halfway through dessert smoothies she started calling Killian a baby in a derogatory way and Chris told her ‘it’s not nice to call Killian a baby’. Instant freak out, ”but *gasp* he’s *gasp* my *gasp* baby *gasp* brother *gasp*.” I agree with her on that one but she obviously way overreacted.
So now I’m sitting on the couch in sweats, while Chris gives them their bath, wondering if the zoo would like a Threenager exhibit.