Flame on!


If you ask me the number one most dramatic decoration is a candle, actually a bunch of candles. I think they completely transform a room and scream elegance and romance. I’ve already written about my search for glass candle holders (by the way I’m no longer looking for silver ones, although I could probably find a place for any that happen to turn up!) and that search has been fairly successful so far. I’ve found that just about every goodwill, salvation army, and other thrift store in the area is well stocked in glass candle holders and I’ve stocked up on about 70 so far. For less (sometimes way less) than $0.50 a piece it’s also really rewarding to walk up to a counter with a basket full of things and watch it ring it at $8.00.

Today I ordered the candles to go with said candle holders. I ordered a lot of candles! 1004 to be exact. Here’s the breakdown:
-12 non-wedding decorations
-500 tealights
-144 tapers
-48 3×3 in pillars
-12 3×9 in pillars
-288 white votives
This is actually something I’m really excited about and I can’t wait for my candles to arrive!

There are two mantles at the reception site that are definitely going to have to look like this! Minus the Christmas wreath…

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