Easter in the Mountains


There is a good chance I am posting too many pictures from our weekend in the mountains, there will need to be a second post because these pictures are just saturday. We had a great time and Helen Jeanette LOVED the mountain house. Anytime she was inside she was standing out the door asking for “side side”.

We made a fire pit and roasted s’mores, and I hope that will be a something we repeat often and becomes a special memory for the kids. We also had a very successful egg hunt and spent a beautiful weekend outside.

IMG_2178 IMG_2307 IMG_2299 IMG_2293 IMG_2285 IMG_2272 IMG_2270 IMG_2268 IMG_2262 IMG_2250 IMG_2247 IMG_2240 IMG_2238 IMG_2226 IMG_2223 IMG_2198 IMG_2196 IMG_2185

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