Moving Right Along


More work has been done on the foyer, all part of getting to the problems with the foundation. You’ll notice that a few of the boards that had rotted/ been eaten are now gone.



On a fun note Chris let me get this door mat. We decided we can have more fun with the back door. We’ll put our nice “C” rug up front once the construction is done.


I went out front with my broom all intent to sweep the front walk and make it look nice, somehow when I saw the giant pile of dirt it completely killed my motivation. I have no idea how I missed this driving up to the house.



This confuses and terrifies me. Did they find it with the marble eyes or did they put marbles in the eyes? Or are these somehow actually bloated petrified eyes? Is this a sign of a current infestation or a previous one? Either way Chris will be making with the traps and possibly poison this weekend. I need to check with the contractors and make sure we could put the poison somewhere they wouldn’t be near.

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  1. Can I just tell you that I am SO excited to watch your progress on your beautiful house? You are doing great so far and I expect it to be amazing when you are finished! šŸ™‚ Enjoy!

  2. We have to take out the floor to fix the foundation, they’re excavating the crawl space to keep termites away so that’s where the dirt comes from.

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