More Progress


It’s an excited stage of the process since Chris and I are not home for any of the work, but every time we come by something new has happened. You’ll notice that the old rotten boards have been replaced with new ones. This alone makes me feel 100% better about the chances the whole house will collapse. You can also see the driveway through the holes in the wall which makes me feel better about the cat’s chances is we accidentally lock her in the house.


I’ve been working in the yard a fair bit but the progress pictures are not quite as dramatic as it seems in real life. One of the issues is you can see the trail of pulled up plants leading away from the pile, gives it a kind of carpet appearance. I’d really like to have the backyard in a reasonable state by the time the contractors are done with the house (at least the structural stuff, windows, and exterior paint).

Our plans aren’t written in stone but we’d like to:

1) Finish getting all the weeds and ivy up. Include removal of the ivy eating the pecan tree. Probably remove the tree shown in the top right corner of the picture below.

2) Put a brick facade over the retaining wall

3) Build some brick stairs leading to a small patio

4) Grade the area into a very gradual slope towards the north-east corner

5) Put down sod/ ground cover that does well in shade

6) Plant some blackberries along the fence in one of the only areas that gets a lot of sun back here

7) Plant a peach tree is part of that sunny area

8) Put a wooden fence up on the east perimeter, fully fencing in the back yard

Some or all of these might not happen as our plans evolve, but for now we’re working hard at item 1, and no matter what the final configuration ends up being we’re certain that this is going to be an awesome space.



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