519 Holloway has been an exciting place to come home to over the last week and a half. The painters are incredibly close to being done and they just have to put the second coat on the back bedroom before it’s over! In the meantime I’m completely in love with it! Graduate Custom Painting always does a great job for us but they really stepped it up this time and knocked everything out in record time. They did 6 windows for us downstairs (remove, strip lead paint, patch up rotten/holey areas, reinstall, and repaint) and painted the walls, trim, mantles, and ceilings everywhere except the kitchen (when it’s time comes it’ll be a total gut job so we’re not interested in spending any money on it now).

It’s amazing what a difference a good paint job makes! They also cut the door and installed the step shown so we can go upstairs without going outside. Oh the luxury.

Everything is a mess because we piled things in the middle of a room while they painted. I’m cleaning up and throwing things out as I sort stuff back where it belongs so hopefully it will be much cleaner then before when finished.

photo (14) photo (16) photo (15) photo (17) photo (19) photo (20) photo (21)

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